How Video Content Can Improve Your Recruitment Strategy

The thing about nearly all modern businesses – whether they are ecommerce or not – is that video marketing, most often distributed far and wide by the power of the internet, is a priority. Top quality, targeted videos allow product and brand awareness not only to reach the right people, but as many of those right people as possible. However, this is not the only reason why modern companies with an online presence create high quality professional videos.They also have a role to play in the recruitment process as well.

Small ecommerce companies will typically begin their marketing efforts by making their own videos. As soon as the budget allows for it though, this task usually falls to professional video production companies,which not only make the videosbut make them with a whole lot of data and a detailed marketing plan guiding them along the way. WMV Productions, one such video production company, note however thatwhile the majority of the videos they make are marketing videos, the same clients commission videos to aid their recruitment efforts as well.

The Importance of Video in Recruitment

When you think about it, many of the same factors that make video content beneficial for marketing make itvaluable for recruiting too. A successful marketing video aims to reach as wide an audience as possible while still targeting the right type of people with deference to collected data and research. When you are hiring for your company then it is also beneficial to reach as many of the right people as possible. The only difference is that, in this arena, the right type of people are potential recruits and not consumers.

There are several steps to the recruitment process, and these can be pretty exhausting. Candidates need to be attracted, informed, screened, interviewed, evaluated, and hired. Videos can speed things up.

Tips for Incorporating Video Content into Your Recruitment Process

Perhaps the best way to show the value of video content where recruitment is concerned is to look at some tips for successfully implementing it into the process:

Show Who You Are and What Your About

It is a lesson from recruitment 101 that things work best when the employer is not only evaluating the candidate, but the candidate is evaluating the employer too. This can be fostered even before a candidate has applied with the use of video. Just as videos can catch the eye of the disinterested consumer and then educate them about a product more effectively than some text, the same goes for educating the potential candidate about the job. Accordingly, you should show who you are and what you are all about in your recruitment video content.

Stand Out from Your Competitors

The advice here is to make sure your video includes content that shows your company as one different from all the others. There is more potential to do this with video than any mere job descriptions. Furthermore, simply by having a video content in your recruitment process at all, you are already standing out!

Show People Doing the Job

Far superior to any flowery job description that you could pen is simple footage of employees at your company actually working. This is eye-catching – even entertaining – and it places the potential recruit right in the workplace before they even apply. Video content simply makes for a much more rounded impression of what the job is like.

Perhaps the biggest reason to get started with recruitment videos is the second one listed above.There aren’t too many companies doing this right now. The edge is there for the taking.