Child Custody Case: 5 Mistakes that Could Hurt Your Child Custody Case

Divorce involves a lot of emotions and can get complicated when seeking custody of your child. There are many factors to consider when seeking child custody, and the two aspects involved are physical and legal custody. However, most people make mistakes that affect the ruling and can greatly affect your child. Although many emotions are involved, it’s essential to be cautious of your actions, and whatever you say can affect your relationship with your child, and their overall well begin. Luckily this article will outline the common mistakes that could hurt your child custody case.

Failure to Cooperate with The Other Parent

During separation, most people view their former spouses or partners as a threat and bad influence. They may end up putting those feelings before their children’s interests. Irrespective of what happened between you two, it’s crucial to put your kids’ interests as a priority and know that you two have the same right. When you refuse to communicate reasonably with your former spouse and make a clear arrangement, the judge will presume that your desire to hurt the other parent is greater than the desire to become a role model to your kids.

Failure to Hore an Attorney Represent You

During a divorce, parents suffer because they hire the wrong attorney to represent them. When planning your child custody, it’s important to consider vetting your lawyer and scrutinizing them to ensure they have the right experience to represent you in court. You can consider  Catherine Haber lawyer review to see if they can argue on your behalf in court. There is a lot of paperwork involved in child custody cases, and with all the emotions, you can fail to meet them, which can disadvantage you. However, this process can be easy with a good lawyer as they will guide you through your case, ensuring your kids’ interest is secure.

Disobeying a Court Order

The court is supreme, and you must follow their guidance when going through a child custody case. If you violate the court ruling and simple orders, the judge will perceive that you are not fit since you disrespect the authority. You can also be held in contempt of court, which will disadvantage you during the ruling on the custody case.

Talking Ill of the Other Parents in Infront of The Kids

Irrespective of what you and your former partner had, you shouldn’t drag it to your children picturing your other partner badly. This can affect your children and their perspective in life. If the other partner talks badly about you, you have a high chance with the judge to even get full custody of the kids. Always put the well-being of your children first and avoid dragging them into your issues.

Refusing to Give the Other Their Visitation Rights

If the court schedules visitation for the other parents, it’s crucial to communicate in case there is a change, or something comes up. The judge will not take lightly any attempt to cut off the other parent from visiting the children. However, if a case of physical abuse or an environment endangers your child, you have enough ground to refuse the visitation.

Wrapping Up!

The above are the common mistakes that most parents dealing with child custody cases make. Always ensure you follow the court order and keep the interests of your children first.