Which Are The Best Social Media Management Tools in 2022?

With the advent of science and technology, social media has become an extremely vital platform for businesses to showcase themselves and attract more customers. Given that people today check their social media feed(s) at least once (if not more) every day, there is no doubt about how social media has helped businesses to boost their sales. While the craze about social media continues to grow ever more over time, competition has consequently increased even on these platforms. 

I only realized the immense competition amongst online businesses today while searching for birthday places in Bangalore. I came across so many websites, each portraying their unique and attractive place for hosting birthdays, that it became puzzling for me to choose one of them!  

So, if you wish to remain ahead of the raging competition in the online markets today, make sure to draw as much advantage as possible from your brand’s social media accounts. Here are a few best social media management tools that you can use to boost your brand engagement and grow your business successively!   

1. Napoleon Cat 

Napoleon Cat is a powerful social media management tool that you can work with to get better results in your business. It has a single inbox that quickly assimilates all your messages on your multiple social media accounts. Therefore, you can now pay heed to and handle your customers in a much more organized manner. So, if you are looking for practical and valuable ways to manage your customer care services on social media, make sure to use this fantastic tool!  

Automating customer care services and scheduling your posts on social media can be done easily with Napoleon Cat. Furthermore, it also offers you the space to analyze the results of your current marketing strategies to check if you need to modify any of them. It also offers several other great features like automating reporting or increasing collaboration between your teams.   

2. Iconosquare 

Iconosquare is an excellent tool for brands looking for social media management tools that would help them analyze their social media presence. It offers users multiple content types, deeper analytics, and advanced features like scheduling tools. With this tool, you can now tag different users, schedule your comments, and do much more! 

With Iconosquare, you can also automate the report generation to send them directly to your client’s inbox. The intuitive collaboration features found here are also beneficial. Therefore, though it appears to be a little too expensive a tool, trust us when we say Iconosquare will be worth every penny!  

3. Hootsuite  

Once you start using Hootsuite, you can benefit from handling all your social media accounts with a single login! Not only does it assimilate all your comments and mentions in a single dashboard, but it also allows you to assign/schedule your social media posts! Since you can now easily assign tasks to your employees with this tool, you can usher in greater collaboration in your team.  

Hootsuite also offers its users many free courses on handling and regulating social media judiciously. These free courses on the Hootsuite Podium will help you develop better ways to manage your social media!   

4. Buzzsumo  

With Buzzsumo, you can easily find the most trending content and the perfect influencers for your brand in no time. It can also help you analyze and determine which content will work the best for you. Using this tool, you can secure a more substantial grip over social media platforms and devise strategies to boost your business successively.  

Some of the attractive features of this tool are: 

  • Finding out relevant influencers 
  • Receiving personalized alerts for relevant keywords, brand names, links, etc. 
  • Tracking your competitors and checking out their content 
  • Finding out relevant and new keywords  

5. Sendible     

Sendible is your all-rounder social media management tool to help you grow your social media profile. You can try out several features here, like publishing, social listening, collaboration, and so much more! 

Also, you can easily integrate Sendible to work with almost every known social media platform and even with other marketing apps.  

You can also choose to install a Google Chrome extension to help you publish and schedule content without having to open the tool in a separate window. Sendible also offers users a built-in image editor and graphic design tool to let you customize and preview text/images before posting them on social media.   

6. Todoist 

Todoist can be your go-to social media task manager to help you with keeping track of every aspect of your business from time to time. It can be immensely productive in seamlessly managing all your social media activity under one umbrella. Using it, you can create a social media calendar for your business, where you neatly stack all the tasks you must complete within a given deadline.  

While managing your business on social media, it is vital to ensure that you post daily to hold on to your customers. With this task tracking tool in hand, this will become easy for you! By keeping up with the tasks on Todoist, you can increase engagement with your customers and grow your audience base successively. 


With these powerful social media management tools in hand, your business is now ready to bolster its way to success. But even while you use these tools, make sure to analyze your marketing results and make changes or modifications in your strategies whenever and wherever necessary!