Balancing Parenthood and Entrepreneurship –Gilles Baudet’s Journey through Challenges and Triumphs

As a parent and an entrepreneur, Gilles Baudet’s life is a beautiful blend of fulfilling moments, immense joy, and uncharted challenges. While both roles are incredibly rewarding, they also demand an extraordinary level of dedication, organisation, and resilience. In this blog post, Gilles Baudet will share his personal journey from his point of view, and the unique set of challenges that come with being a parent and an entrepreneur.

1. Time Management Juggling Act

When it comes to finding the time, Gilles Baudet says that “one of the biggest challenges I faced is the constant juggling act of managing my time between the responsibilities of parenthood and entrepreneurship. My days are a carefully choreographed dance where I switch between meetings, business decisions, and parenting duties.

Finding the right balance requires meticulous planning, setting priorities, and sometimes making tough choices about where to allocate my time. It’s a perpetual work in progress, but I’ve come to appreciate the value of efficient time management”.

2. The Guilt Dilemma

When asked about the common feeling of guilt when juggling your responsibilities, Gilles said that “as a parent, I’ve often grappled with feelings of guilt—guilt for not being with my children when I’m engrossed in business, and guilt for not dedicating as much time to my business when my children need me. Striking a balance between these two roles while minimising guilt is a constant emotional challenge.

To navigate this, I’ve learned to be fully present in the moment, whether it’s quality time with my children or focused work hours. This has allowed me to minimise guilt and make the most of each role.”

3. Uncertainty and Risk-Taking

Gilles went on to discuss the unpredictable nature of his career, and says “entrepreneurship is inherently filled with uncertainty and risk. As a parent, these uncertainties can become even more daunting because they affect not only my financial well-being but also my family’s. The responsibility of providing for my children while navigating the unpredictable world of business can be overwhelming at times.

To address this challenge, I’ve become more strategic in my business decisions, sought advice from mentors, and built a financial safety net to provide stability for my family during lean periods”.

4. Flexibility and Adaptability

“Parenthood and entrepreneurship both require flexibility and adaptability. Children’s needs change as they grow, and businesses face evolving market dynamics. It can be a constant struggle to stay agile and adapt to the ever-changing demands of these two roles.

I’ve learned to embrace change, pivot when necessary, and remain open to new opportunities. Flexibility has become a cornerstone of my parenting and entrepreneurial journey”.

5. Self-Care and Burnout Prevention

With the demands of parenting and entrepreneurship, self-care often takes a backseat. Gilles Baudet says that “It’s easy to neglect my own well-being in the pursuit of success in both realms. The risk of burnout is real, and it’s something I’ve had to actively address.

Recognising the importance of self-care, I’ve established boundaries, prioritised rest, and sought support from family and friends. Taking care of myself allows me to be a better parent and a more effective entrepreneur”.

6. Managing Expectations

Setting realistic expectations is vital in both parenting and entrepreneurship. Gilles shares that “there are days when I may not achieve all my goals, and that’s okay. Learning to manage expectations and not be too hard on myself has been a crucial lesson.

I’ve found that setting achievable short-term goals, celebrating small victories, and keeping a long-term perspective helps me maintain a healthy outlook on both fronts”.

7. Communication and Support

“Strong communication is essential in any relationship, including the one with my wife. Being on the same page regarding parenting responsibilities and business commitments is crucial. Ensuring that we support each other’s goals and provide the necessary assistance has been instrumental in managing the challenges.

Seeking support from a network of fellow parent-entrepreneurs has also been invaluable. These individuals understand the unique challenges I face and offer guidance, empathy, and camaraderie”.

8. Separating Work and Family Time

Separating time is a tricky task, and Gilles agrees. He says that “one of the most significant challenges I’ve encountered is the difficulty of separating work from family time. With the convenience of technology, it’s easy for business matters to encroach on personal moments. Maintaining a healthy boundary between the two is a constant effort.

To address this challenge, I’ve designated specific work hours, created a dedicated workspace, and established technology-free zones during family time. This separation helps me be present with my family when I’m with them and focused on my business when I’m working”.


Balancing parenthood and entrepreneurship is an intricate dance, filled with unique challenges and triumphs. While it’s not always easy, Gilles Baudet says that “the rewards of watching my children grow and witnessing the growth of my business are immeasurable”.

Through effective time management, open communication, self-care, and adaptability, he has learned how to effectively navigate this multifaceted journey. It’s a journey that continues to evolve, but with each challenge comes an opportunity for growth and a chance to create a meaningful life that balances both roles successfully.

The challenges are part of the journey, and Gilles Baudet embraces them as integral to his path as a parent and an entrepreneur.

About Gilles Baudet

Gilles Baudet is an entrepreneur and CEO based in Glasgow, United Kingdom. He set up his core business in 2012 focusing purely on direct sales and since then, has grown his business on a national scale, as well as branching out into other business investments and coaching other businesses on profitability, motivation and facilitating scalable growth. Alongside his working life, Gilles is a dedicated father to his two young children and a supportive husband to his wife. Now, over 10 years after starting up his original business, Gilles has become a property investor in addition to being a VC and enjoys opportunities to coach other passionate entrepreneurs in his field.